The Keep on Yeoldelands – Session 23

Probably the last session of 2021, now that the ‘holiday’ season busyness has arrived.

Click here for the other sessions.

Expedition 23

9 Dec 2021

  • Alfredward (Dwarf 2)
  • Asher (Fighter 1)
  • Harry (Halfling 1)
  • Rarder Brete (Fighter 4)

    Later joined by
  • Kevrek Stonemaul (Dwarf 1)

The party commissioned a large number of workers to start constructing a sturdy wooden wall around the newly-named Four Shields Fort, in honour of the various magical items they had come across, and left secondary character Boots & retainer Hats to oversee the building site with some newly-hired mercenaries. Taking Artzua and a new retainer, tax-collector-turned-Fighter Gaztelua, they set off for the old elven tower where they’d lost two of the aforementioned shields.

Sneaking through the familiar folding door, the party followed the central circular corridor around, footsteps echoing off the silent stone walls and floors. They examined a door near the entrance, cold to the touch. As the dwarves crouched down to listen at the keyhole, Gaztelua let out a cry of alarm from the rear – several ghoulish assailants sprinted into the torchlight, tongues lolling. The adventurers leapt into formation and fought back – their greater experience tipping the scales in their favour though several were left paralysed by the end. Harry was slain, skewering several with his magical spear as he went.

They braved tackling another door, one that they had passed by during their daring escape, and found themselves waiting nearly an hour as Asher struggled to bypass the lock. Finally flinging the door open with a flourish, he led the others in, discovering a chest with a large number of silver coins inside. Alfredward helped himself to a fine magical dagger.

Wary that it was two days’ return journey and they had a date with the keep castellan, the party called it quits. Loading up the horses with the chest and the corpse of a ghoul (for Asher’s alchemical ‘research’ purposes), they made their way back through the woods towards the watchtower, fleeing a territorial hydra on the way.

Finally rewarded with an audience with the castellan, the adventurers sought magical assistance in return for their services in clearing out the caves. He agreed that his elven advisor might be able to occasionally devote some time to their needs, and suggested that they might seek out the keep chaplain for some additional support.

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