Fold-flat, one-piece sci fi paper building

The flickers of interest in science fiction miniatures have burned and spread in an unanticipated direction, and now I find myself venturing into the 15mm scale for the first time.

And thus I find myself in need of interactable and, with limited room to store it, space-efficient terrain. I’m happy to go with fast and cheap at the expense of beauty, so I put my limited graphic design skills to work and ended up with these hexagonal units:

They won’t win any beauty contests, but they’re good for fighting over, around and upon, and are nicely modular for creating different building shapes.. I printed them onto simple WHSmith card (it doesn’t specify the GSM – I’d guess maybe around 200) and they’re pretty sturdy. I can sit in front of the tele with a pair of scissors and a glue stick and knock out several of these per half-hour episode.

Grab a free copy of the PDF here.

Simple Tutorial

Cut around the blue-marked lines on the PDF, including the sides of to wall which connects the roof to the rest of the building. Don’t worry about being too precise since the majority of these lines will be folded out of sight.

Fold all the dotted red lines over onto the blank side, with the exception of the line connecting roof and wall – that goes the other way.

Glue down the wall folds. I prefer to leave some of the lower fall folds unglued so that the roof support flaps nestle into them when set up, but that’s purely optional.

Bring the wall round and glue it together using the trapezium flap.

To reduce any bend in the roof, I tend to cut some scraps from leftover card and glue them to the underside of the top hex, but again that’s optional.

Tuck in the roof, and there you have it – one hexagonal sci fi structure.

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