Online Character Sheet – Old School Essentials / Labyrinth Lord / BX D&D

EDIT: I’ve also uploaded another, homemade sheet here.

I have to confess to have played very little BX D&D and its retroclones, for all that it seems to be one of the more popular OSR games, so it’s taken me a little while to get round to putting together a online-ified version of a character sheet.

Then I came across a character sheet on Dyson Logos. Dyson, who has done a number of maps for various official D&D 5e adventures, has a staggering number of freely available maps (856 at time of writing) for players to grab and use, but also has made some very nice character sheets.

The one made for BX D&D and Labyrinth Lord (and thus compatible with Old School Essentials) particularly caught my eye for being landscape – a more friendly orientation for Google Slides on a computer screen.

I removed the guide lines for handwriting, but otherwise left it unchanged.

I randomly generated a BX character using Alex Schroeder’s generator to get Meri:

Not a bad sheet in its own right, and certainly very handy if you need to quickly replace a slaughtered PC. You could just print it out and play from that, but alas, it is not landscape so not optimal for online play.

I stuck the numbers into the Dyson sheet to provide the example below:

Click here to access the character sheet and make your own copy.

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