Online Character Sheet – Old School Essentials

Having recently passed the first anniversary of our Barrowmaze campaign using Off-White Cube, I find myself hankering after a change of pace – following an adventuring party, rather than the adventurers’ guild of an open table. I was part of a short-lived PbP campaign going through Evils of Illmire, and what I saw of it I liked. It has also been getting some good reviews.

I’ve been pottering away at the next iteration of Off-White Cube, pruning away classes altogether and opening up the task resolution a bit, but, for all that I have been trying to reduce the rules overhead in my games, there is a little itch that I would rather like to scratch: Old School Essentials. It would be good to just double check that there’s no disgruntled baby sat in that large puddle of bathwater.

But I do want to play it using slots for inventory management for the sake of simplicity whilst keeping open the option to incorporate Off-White Cube’s inventory-doubling-for-negative-HP system. Unfortunately I could not find any suitable character sheet for it, so I stretched my nascent digital drawing muscles and put one together:

Genuinely-rolled ability scores and HP. Fear not, my dice wouldn’t dare show such favouritism at an actual gaming table.

There are a couple of liberties taken with the order of abilities and saves which will hopefully make applying modifiers a bit more intuitive (Wisdom’s bonus to Spells being next to the Save in question, Strength and Dexterity being next to attacks and AC, Constitution being next to HP).

It’s a relatively generic sheet otherwise, with no entries for class-specific rules. However, Google Slides handily has the capacity to stick extra text boxes and images beyond the boundaries of the presentation slide, as well as having a notes section for each slide:

You’ll see that to the left of the slide there are several character sheets within the one document. I’ve given them faint layers of colour to distinguish them – ideally our campaign would have everyone’s character sheets together, along with any further notes on other slides should people so wish.

The widescreen layout should hopefully mean that players can see what they need with minimal scrolling or zooming.

Access the Google Slides character sheet here, and feel free to make your own copy.

Alternatively, here’s an image file of it:

4 thoughts on “Online Character Sheet – Old School Essentials

    1. Yeah, that and my PC can only handle the barest minimum of tech.

      The closer to tabletop gaming the better, in my opinion, though I still haven’t quite hit upon a good replacement for eye contact and body language. I prefer no cameras because they give the speaker a false impression of how much they’re communicating – when it’s voice-only everyone switches into telephone mode and communicate a bit better. Need to up my game on providing something to draw the eyes’ attention though…


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