The Keep on Yeoldelands – Session 22

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Expedition 22c

02 Dec 2021

  • Alfredward (Dwarf 2)
  • Amos (Cleric 3)
  • Peach (Fighter 1)
  • Rarder Brete (Fighter 4) and Boots (Dwarf 1)

    Later joined by
  • Asher (Fighter 1)
  • Dommo (Cleric 1)

Still beneath the watchtower, the party found another statue. They threw around various theories as to which one they should bow before, but opted to postpone the decision for the time being. They returned to the surface and proceeded to scour through the rooms for occupants and treasure.

The place was largely empty, and they piled a fair number of coins and gems. There was one locked door, however, behind which they could hear barking. Seeing thin wisps of smoke coming from the crack between door and floor, Amos determined that they should save the dogs and bashed the door down.

Two large hound-shaped creatures with flames rippling along their bodies bounded out, baring teeth and belching smoke. Amos was badly burned and fell to the floor. The rest of the adventurers fought back with Rarder taking one on single-handedly while the others looked to fight the one who’d burned the cleric. Rarder’s foe battled only with its teeth but the other continued spewing fire about. Peach fell, engulfed in flames, and when Amos returned to the fray to bolster the numbers he was once again subjected to the fiery breath. This time he didn’t rise. The hounds refused to flee, and were eventually dispatched, but the party mourned their fallen companions.

An arrow had flown through the window, striking but not injuring one of the creatures. Peering out the window, the adventurers spotted a roguish-looking pair who definitely weren’t here to join any bandit operation. Naturally, the party invited them to join in the rest of the search.

Ascending to the top floor, the wary Asher disarmed a trapped doorway which led into a most luxuriously-furnished room with comfy bed, desk, wardrobe and chest. An old portrait of a scrawny young gent stared down at them. As they searched the desk, they heard a faint whispering begging them down to ‘free meeeee’. The portrait’s eyes were quite literally staring.

The faint presence introduced itself as Felinor, a Redwood nobleman murdered by his younger brother down in the family crypts, who the smuggler leader had tried and failed to cast out with a sorcerer. The party promised to investigate a way to put him to rest properly in return for the promise of treasure and a warning about a guardian spirit contained within the chest.

Electing to leave that for another occasion, the party trekked south through the woods towards the Keep on Yeoldelands, seeking the bounty for the four hair hands they’d collected and presenting the two obese creatures’ heads to the bailiff. Rather than offer a sum of gold, he said he would get them an audience with the castellan. They said they would return in a week’s time.

GM Notes

  • Goes to show that adventurers of all levels need to constantly be on their guard. The canines only had a 2-in-6 chance of using their fiery breath, but one of them used it three rounds in a row. Enough to take out three characters’ worth – at 0 HP Amos made his first saves vs death, but in deciding to fight on anyway left himself vulnerable to any further strike.
  • Both Fighter Hats and Cleric Artzua rose to level 2 this round – I’ve not used the rule saying that retainers only earn half the value of their share of treasure but even so it has taken them a fair while to get to this point. At least in came in time to fill the healing gap left by Amos’ death.

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