Online Character Sheet – Electric Bastionland

Source: Kickstarter

Electric Bastionland (with a free edition available here) was the first time I dared venture into being Kickstarter backer. I very rarely go for a physical copy of any RPG product – cost is a factor, when I can economically print them myself, and as there is only so much shelf space I can dedicate to this hobby. They are usually reserved for Christmas and birthday gift lists since family do so like to give me something to unwrap.

But I felt EB to be worth the punt, and indeed it has proven to be so. The book is gorgeous, and its artwork and concise world building rendered Mrs Doodler the most excited I’ve seen her about one of my hobby books.

I regret only that my skills with a camera do it so little justice.

As far as rules-lite games go, EB is right up there with it’s double-page spread of all the rules you’ll need to know, another spread for equipment, and then the rest of the book given to over 100 character classes – each implying so much about the setting – and GM advice.

Roll equal to or under one of your three attributes on a d20 to avoid a negative consequence to an action. If you’re reduced to 0 HP, start reducing your Strength by the additional damage and roll equal to or under to stay functional as a character. Damage dice automatically hit their targets.

It’s quick, dangerous and very good fun. Everyone starts with a massive shared debt, a selection of interesting items and quirky backgrounds – it’s up to the players to get out there and use their wits to pay that debt off.

It also makes for a very simple character sheet. According to the fount of truth and reliability that is Discord, this is one of the author’s character sheets:

If people really hanker for it, I can stick this on Google Slides too.

The character sheet I ended up using was made by Simon Moon. It’s landscape which better suits Google Slides, has plenty of space for notes and visually complements the main book itself (seems wrong to call it a rulebook when actual rules account for 1% of the page count).

It’s a particularly good game for online play with its simplicity and less procedural map play. I heartily recommend readers give it a try!

After this game, I realised that the text box font had been a poor choice for use on a regular PC monitor…
The border round the sheet was to make things easier for the GM flicking between character sheets – we had one per slide.

Click here to access the character sheet and make your own copy.

2 thoughts on “Online Character Sheet – Electric Bastionland

    1. Never any harm in having more character sheets to choose from – a portrait sheet also allows you to stick it on a landscape slide and essentially have the ‘rear side’ of the character sheet for players to write notes on.


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