Online Character Sheet – Knave

Source: youtube

Here’s a character sheet I put into Google Slides for the benefit of an online Play-by-Post game running through Stonehell using the TheManWithAHammer‘s Knave hack. The campaign was fun but unfortunately shortlived, as has been the case with any PbP game I have played in or run. But that’s a post for another time.

Knave itself is Dungeons & Dragons cut right back to the simplest skeleton. For each attribute, roll 3 d6s and take the lowest – that is your modifier. To attempt any action for which the outcome is uncertain, roll a d20 and add the modifier from an appropriate attribute – the aim is to get higher than a 15.

That, plus the wonderfully simple slot-based inventory system, is pretty much the core of the game. It is up to the player to try and ensure that they mitigate risks as much as possible so that they’re not rolling against the odds. Combat damage and armour class depend on what equipment you have, as do any ‘special abilities’. Want to be a thief? Take some lockpicks. Looking to follow the arcane path? Grab some spellbooks.

A simple framework which can be used to run through any of the many creative modules which have been designed with D&D in mind – it’s a great little game.

Vitaliy Shershun reworked it into a lovely, readably formatted rule booklet – perfect from printing and folding – and added a very nice character sheet, which is the one I have digitalised.

Click here to access the character sheet and make your own copy.

Knave itself comes with a simpler character sheet which, as a landscape design, works nicely on Google Slides:

Click here to access this other character sheet and make your own copy.

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