Stackable sci fi tiles – WIP

Looking for some more travel-friendly gaming terrain, and for a bit more variety than the two fixed boards in a case. I like the concept of dungeon tiles, and have enjoyed playing around with the TTCombat set in fantasy games. They’re very flexible in what they can be arranged to represent, and pack away very efficiently into a box. Just need a 15mm sci fi version now.

Even armed with finest rulers and mitre box money can buy from a charity shop, this author’s strengths do not lie in a cutting things down to consistent sizes – my attempts at foamcore buildings tend to resemble Edifis’ finest works. I wouldn’t want to rely on structural integrity to ensure a flat and solid base to stack tiles on top of each other.

So better to turn to a resource whose very existence is to be stacked upon – jenga blocks. Their length and width measurements seem to slot quite nicely onto some 9.5-10mm coaster tiles I had lying around from previous projects, and are of a decent height for 15mm minis.

I stuck them down in random configurations, laid down some fly netting on the floors, then fleshed out all surfaces with some roughly-cut EVA foam for panels. I’m not intending there to be much in the way of extra decoration – that’s what scatter terrain is for – but breaking up the long stretches will make them a bit more interesting.

Because the wooden tiles themselves were cheaply bought, they aren’t uniform in size – just by a matter of millimetres, but enough to make it tricky to do any fixed grid for the floor. So I ended up

So I ended up dividing the floor up into different large sections and wrapped some foam around the base, hopefully making the tile transitions less stark.

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