OSE Wandering Monster and Encounter Activities generator

Following on from this post inputting all the d100 tables from d4 Caltrops’ OSE Encounter Activities series (and I hear work is being carried out on making a physical book version of them a thing – splendid!), I put together another file for Inspiration Pad Pro so that a GM can roll up both a wandering monster from one of OSE’s dungeon / wilderness encounter tables and a flavourful activity for that encounter.

I haven’t included the lair options, since I feel that falls more in the domain of a planned-ahead encounter, and couldn’t work out a simple way of outputting singular forms of some monsters (hence ‘1 troglodytes’ below), but this at least negates the need to roll and cross reference too many different tables at the same time.

At some point in the future I may try and incorporate simple stat blocks for the creatures into the results, but for now I think I’m happy having the OSR SRD open in a tab.

Click here to access the text file. You can get Inspiration Pad Pro for free on DriveThruRPG, and it’s just a simple matter of copying the document into your preferred folder.

If you want to use this on the mobile app version of IPP (which doesn’t allow dropdown menus), you could make a generator for each of the top-level table entries you’d normally roll on – so ‘Dungeon Level 2’, ‘Dungeon Level 6-7’ and ‘Wilderness – City’ would each have a separate generator file. Remove the prompts and make sure that the first table in the file is the one you want to be rolling on.

4 thoughts on “OSE Wandering Monster and Encounter Activities generator

    1. Already a far better encounter than I’d have been able to come up with on the fly, even if it just results in the party giving a smelly drunk a wide berth!

      I did make the entries ‘grammatically correct’ with the Barrowmaze entries so that every encounter is a sentence, but didn’t have the stomach to do so here. Functional formatting and grammar it is for the time being!


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