The Keep on Yeoldelands – Session 25

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Expedition 25

15 Jan 2022

  • Alfredward (Dwarf 3)
  • Asher (Fighter 1)
  • Koko (Cleric 1)
  • Rarder Brete (Fighter 4)

Having hired two roguish retainers to further the ways of Chaos, Koko joined the group, replacing his fallen master, Dommo. With their dungeoning numbers bolstered, the party returned to the caves they’d explored on the previous expedition. They passed through the secret room behind the late orc leader’s quarters, and opened the other door leading on. A great crash of tumbling metal announced their presence.

Throwing caution to the wind the party charged forward, smashing their way through another door and overcoming a guard. With the sounds of more orcs behind them, they recklessly pressed on, coming across another, significantly larger and better-armoured orc and two more guards. Weapons drawn, the group attacked. A large horde of orcs swarmed from behind to sandwich them but the adventurers formed a solid formation in the tight corridor, the retainers holding the rear while the heavy hitters dealt with the orc leader. They turned their attention then to the horde and cut them down. Bodies piled high before they sent the last remnants scurrying from the caves.

Hefting the loot scrounged from the caves back, a spare horse dragging a large wine barrel, the party made their way back to the Keep on Yeoldelands. They were accosted on the way back by several figures hiding amongst the tree branches, who bade them leave their horses behind and travel on unmolested. Several of the adventurers spurred their horses on, though some were slower off the mark, reluctant to abandon the potentially lucrative barrel.

The figures dropped upon Alfredward and Artzua’s mounts, and upon the barrel-pulling horse – two men and a woman, all naked but fierce in their attacks, gouging and biting at their victims. Artzua was grievously wounded and, as Gaz thundered past, the cleric threw herself upon his steed, a savage bit mark on her shoulder more indicative of a feline than a human.

Rarder and Asher sprang to Alfredward’s aid and, magical weapons slicing through the air, they separated the man’s head from his shoulders. They all turned and galloped away, leaving a man and woman roaring after them, and fur rippling orange and black across the fallen assailant’s body…

GM Notes

  • Another late finish found us running the last fight through play-by-post again. This time there was more emphasis placed on who was where at different points, and it didn’t work quite as smoothly as the week before. Highlights the limitations of the medium.
  • Probably the first real hack’n’slash session – there were a lot of orcs to get through, and they just couldn’t penetrate the PCs’ high AC.

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