A case for sci fi dungeon tiles – part 3

See part 1 here.
See part 2 here.

Finally given the last tile its sealing spray, all in good time for the next holiday. I’m happy.

All the flat cork surfaces got a layer of homemade textured paste: filler, PVA and cheap craft paint. The brown paint helped both make the mixture more spreadable and mark what spots had been coated. It probably would have been enough as a basecoat too, but I wanted a lighter palette to contrast the corridor tiles.

Ended making up an extra, non-rocky tile once I realised it would facilitate a 9×9 tile game without using one of the larger tiles. Opted against making a second despite having space for it since there’s a reasonable chance in the future that I’ll be filling the last spaces with a flat grassland of some sorts, which would need every last cranny left in the case.

Lots of light drybrushing over a dark brown and maroon basecoat, then a soaking in dirty paintwater with a dash of washing up liquid, then a final drybrush to bring the ground and rocks together. Similar technique with the spacecraft and generic sci fi building, albeit with a focus on silver craft paint and a discontinued blue shade sampler.

I did try and make some maroon foliage to break up the light brown but none of the various attempts worked, so I resolved to be happy for the time being with the barren terrain look.

I’m satisfied with how they all fit together; I was very conscious when sticking everything together that I didn’t want the rock stacks to be too perpendicular when laid out side by side, and was wary of my hitherto unsuccessful attempts to cut anything to a consistent size. Thankfully, all seems to have turned out well on both those scores.

There is still a little bit of rattling around where there are just two ‘walled’ layers in the case, so until I get round to that extra row of flat tiles a sheet of EVA foam keeps everything comfortably but firmly wedged in when shut.

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