Sci Fi dungeon tiles

Got the tiles done in time for the holiday, so have been enjoying some games of 5 Parsecs from Home based on a tunnel-ridden former mining colony.

Just rotating the tiles 90° completely alters the possible routes across an adventure site, so assuming the struggling crew members don’t get too sick at the site of unending panelled corridors, these ten tiles should cover a fair few campaign turns. I started the crew off without a ship, so they’ve not much choice in the matter.

A quick prime, black basecoat, silver drybrush and blackish wash does mean that the tiles can look a bit samey, though covering the tops of the walls in black mitigates that a bit by making the different layouts a bit more distinct. Two of the tiles have a bit of colour by way of computer terminals to make possible objective markers stand out a bit.

Games so far have been played out on a 3×3 tile grid, though the higgledy piggledy floor panels mean the tiles can be laid offset each other for a slightly bigger battlefield.

I made a last minute decision to glue some strips of EVA foam to the bottom of the tiles to stop them sliding around on the table tip and to cushion the tiles a bit when stacked upon each other. In hindsight, and possibly a job for the future, I should possibly have stuck some magnetic sheets to the undersides instead. They’d have a similar effect, and would open up the possibility of bringing some sheets to stick the tiles upon for a bit of a firmer grip during gameplay.

The tiles all stack nicely, but I should have put some more thought into what sort of container they might fit into. Most things I had to hand were slightly too small or much too big. In the end I stuffed the extra space in a larger box with a spare t-shirt. I was spoilt by finding a perfectly sized box instantly when packing away my TTCombat dungeon tiles. These DIY ones might require a custom made container.

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