Pulp Alley Reskinned – Sci Fi Haunted ‘Manor’

Pulp Alley has been one of my go-to games for a good few years, and I’m particularly fond of its Tomb of the Serpent campaign: a The Mummy-esque type affair that transposes well into a fantasy genre, and I wanted to do the same with sci fi. It has a good number and variety of scenarios, so building boards and terrain around it should provide an effective gamut of sci fi trope-y locations.

I started with one of the campaigns early scenarios, the Haunted Manor, because it came with a full map for the occasion, and a pretty small map at that; I fit the entire piece onto a 15 x 15cm coaster. There’s a way through from one end to the other, so it could quite feasibly be used with other coaster-based terrain as part of a larger modular board.

Just a bit of artistic licence needed as to what constitutes an entry point, and we are left with a decent option for an abandoned research outpost or some guard house standing at the entrance to multiple lower levels.

The walls and floor tiles are made from some scrap 350gsm flyers lying around at work, trimmed and superglued into place. Not as durable as jenga blocks but still surprisingly robust, especially with various greeblies glued in place to add support. Said greebliesare mostly from various defunct electric circuitry and cables.

Some sponge-patted caulk did for the ground outside, and brushed caulk for the walls, and construction was done. It then lay unpainted for months before I galvanised myself into blowing the dust off and doing something about it. Mostly a few drybrushed layers and some ink and contrast paint washes to give it a dash of colour.

It’s not as travel-friendly as other pieces I’ve made / am making, so it’s going to sit cosily with the glue gun craft until I acquire some proper storage for them.

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