The Keep on Yeoldelands – Session 36

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Expedition 34

26 May 2022

  • Alfredward (Dwarf 4)
  • Elthebard (Magic User 1)
  • Koko (Cleric 3)
  • Moonbeam (Fighter 1)

The party made their way back to the cave with the bipedal cats. A few changes had been made, notably a door across the passage towards the site of the previous day’s battle. Rather than ring the helmet-turned-bell contraption, as suggested by new signs, they tore it down and, while their retainers propped it up and spiked it into position to cover the party’s rear, the adventurers fell upon the room inhabitants. The gong was once again silenced before it could alert the whole cave system.

In the middle of the fight, Muskilda, Alfredward’s newly hired dwarven retainer, snuck up the stares to where the party suspected the late head honcho’s quarters to be. Confidant that it would be empty, she kicked open the door, and was greeted with three pairs of feline eyes. She lit the exterior of her satchel, crammed full with oil flasks, and flung it in their midst. She bravely held the door against them, dying beneath their spears but keeping them contained long enough for the satchel’s contents to explode, flinging Elthebard and Koko back as they rushed to her aid, and utterly incinerating her foes.

Once the flames had died down, the party hurriedly searched the room for any surviving valuables, finding a coin-filled chest tucked away in a little cranny and a secret passage behind the scant remains of a fine silk hanging which led on into a thick white mist. Remembering their experiences in mist-filled caverns recently, the party elected to head back to the entrance. Hearing further commotion behind the spiked door, they opted once again to retreat hastily from the cave and back to their fort.

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