The Keep on Yeoldelands – Session 35

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Expedition 33

19 May 2022

  • Alfredward (Dwarf 4)
  • Koko (Cleric 3)
  • Thrandir (Thief 1)

A return to the caves for this expedition, though the party were not willing to endure the labyrinthine tunnels of their previous attempt. Instead they headed for the cave entrance festooned with signs in different languages all welcoming guests in for a hot meal and a nice bed.

Opting not to take the signs at face value, the party of adventurers and retainers crept inside, opting for a left turn and spying through dwarven eyes a number of large humanoids with feline-like features lolling about. Recognising them as the same brand of opponent which gave them such trouble retaking Redwood Keep, the adventurers decided to try a quick and quite take down of these apparent guards. They nearly managed it, Alfredward slicing and lowering a gong from the wall, but they couldn’t eliminate all three figures before one cried out an alarm.

Spying two more figures, one a particularly large specimen, approaching, the party lay in ambush while Thrandir went to keep watch over the other tunnel at the group’s rear. Alfredward’s magical armour kept him safe against the various blows but by the time they cut the larger creature down, a large number of the beasts swarmed into Thrandir’s view. Cut off from the exit, the party lobbed flaming oil flasks into the midst of their foes and tied to press through them, but the feline fighters remained resolute.

Even as he loosed an arrow into one of the creatures, Thrandir saw a spear launched from its hand hurtling towards him. Both fell, their throats punctured. In desperating, Koko beat his trident against his shield, and its enchantment fed fear into the hearts of the beasts. They fled out of the cave, and the party followed, conscious that a good number still remained inside. Forgoing the opportunity to loot anything, they retreated back to their fort, no richer in wealth but better informed about that particular cave.

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