Quick, cheap and easy sci fi corridors

I want to put together a travel-friendly set of sci fi dungeon-esque tiles. Nothing too fancy to cry over when something inevitably gets damaged and which could be easily replicated in future, while being more satisfying to game on than laminated geomorph print outs.

This is the result:

Each section is based made up from a 6cm piece of (inexpertly sawn) cable trunking; I picked up a length of 2 metres for under £5, so I’ve plenty left for future projects.

The interior walls come with little lips into which you’d normally slide another length of plastic to close off the trunking, but they’re also nice for tucking decor into, so I stuck in some self-adhesive cable tie mounts and threaded some old electrical cables through for piping.

The floor is just mesh and cable ties laid out to form panels.

The build itself was easy enough and after an evening’s worth of hobbying I had six corridor sections prepared. The speedbump, as ever, was painting, so after weeks of procrastinating I forced myself to go with a simple paint scheme to ensure that they got done. A primer and black basecoat with a silver drybrush, followed by a black wash and a lighter silver drybrush. For a dash of colour, the pipes got a coating of some contrast paints (Snakebite Leather on the bottom, and two layers of Gore-Grunta Fur on the top).

Not the prettiest of terrain, but they should serve a functional purpose and fulfil the quick, cheap and easy criteria. I’ve a set of nested craft boxes which could make for a good variety of rooms, although I fear doing too much to them would rob them of their ability to pack into each other. If I end up going for fixed room layouts, I’ll need to think of an alternative.

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