Blunte’s Rifles

Never got into the tv series, but I happily devoured all the Sharpe books (did try Bernard Cornwell’s other series but couldn’t find the same enthusiasm for essentially reskinned characters in other historical settings), so inbetween terrain projects I painted up an homage to the green-coated riflemen of the Peninsular Wars.

Should provide a little more variety in the uniformed opponents in 5 Parsecs From Home. The way that these came packaged means that I’ve got a replica of each miniature still to be painted. Pondering a redcoat sister squad.

But before that I’m minded to try and get some suitable reskinned options to play through the Pulp Alley Tomb of the Serpent solo campaign. Used some Nectar points to pick up some squid-faced minis on ebay which have enough variants to stand in for a good number of NPCs, so they’ll be working their way into the paint queue.

It means I’ll need some boards and terrain too with a suitable sci fi reinterpretation of the scenario maps. Got some more scratchbuilt stuff coming up.

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