The Keep on Yeoldelands – Sessions 30 to 33

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Quite a bit to catch up on so, rather than slow myself down even further with individual accounts of each session, here’s an overview of couple of expeditions which stretched over a couple of weeks. Done whilst on holiday, so without a scanner I’m afraid I could only photograph the doodles.

Expeditions 30 and 31

3, 17, 24 and 31 March 2022

  • Alfredward (Dwarf 3)
  • Asher (Fighter 2, then 3)
  • Koko (Cleric 3)
  • Lutheric (Elf 1)
  • Rarder Brete (Fighter 5)
  • Tellrond (Elf 1)

Having acquired documentary evidence of the collapse of the ancient elven kingdoms, the party bargained with Baron Grellus for a reward were they to provide him with the magical statue they’d encountered beneath Redwood Keep. He showed no interest, so they found themselves purchasing it from him themselves.

Upon accepting the chronicles of the elven fall, the statue acknowledged that her purpose to defend the kingdoms had come to an end. Presenting herself as Elven Grace, she told the party of a couple of tombs – of a human diplomat and a disgraced elven noble – deep within the Deadwoods that might be of assistance to the adventurers. Asher was able to also negotiate a month’s alliance with her.

First they visited the resting place of the maligned elf. Asher narrowly avoided an unceremonious drowning from a fountain-based water form before the party destroyed it and headed further into the tomb, plundering as they went.

A room flooded by a shallow illusory pool showing the ocean floor nearly became the death of Rarder as a number of enormous crabs emerged and clambered all over him as he tried to grab a shiny ring, but Asher chucked over a potion of invisibility which allowed the doughty old warrior to escape. Elven Grace covered the party’s retreat but took substantial damage in the process.

Finally they came across a chamber occupied by an open sarcophagus with the apparent still form of an elven noblewoman. Their attempts to open the rusted chest at her feet disturbed her and she rose from her resting place, clobbering Lutheric to death. Before the party engulfed and cut her down she let out a great shriek which stilled the hearts of a charmed halfling and the retainer Gaz.

The chest contained enough coins to need at least seven people to carry it and a trident which allowed the bearer to walk on water. Satisfied with their haul, the party returned to their fort, carefully avoiding a large caravan (hundreds) which had set up camp in the woods.

They promptly set off again in search of the late diplomat’s tomb, without Elven Grace this time so as not to risk losing such an asset so quickly. They followed her instructions and located the entrance easily enough. Working their way past a false tomb and guardian with only Alfredward taking a mild scratch from the undead figure’s flailing grasp, they descended and once again began plundering. The lower section was flooded waist high, so they remained cautious and took their first haul back up to the surface.

There they found a contingent of some thirty armed men and women addressing the retainers left to guard their camp. Two well-dressed leaders stepped forward and introduced themselves as Pantxuse and Zibor, declaring that they’d been on the hunt for this tomb themselves on behalf on an heir, and cheerfully accepted the party’s offer to escort them around. Taking five guards with them, including the apparent commander, the pair allowed themselves to be led down into the depths, the party careful to guide them to the already explored and pilfered chambers.

On their way back out, the party decided to try one last room and found an urn on a plinth surrounded by a large pile of gems. Their ‘guests’ leaned forward eagerly, so the party hastily arranged a deal whereby the pair would give them 40% of any wealth found in return for services rendered. The deal was quickly struck, and the pair leapt for the gems, but the pretty stones came together to form a large humanoid figure, and it attacked.

The pair fled, while the party triumphed for the loss of three guards, Rarder going out of his way to use his healing shield on the badly hurt guard commander, and delightedly claimed the horde of gems left behind worth several thousand pieces of gold.

Everyone retreated back to the service to rest and plan their next move.

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