Glue Gun Spacecraft

My cheapie glue gun lasted me a good five years, but all things must come to an end. I’ve recently been bingeing on scrap build videos, so the thought of chucking it away was very quickly chased away. A screwdriver did the work and soon the tool lay in bits before me. Its distinctive body shape clearly suggested spaceship, so I laid everything out on a bit of foamcore and glued everything down with the gun’s successor.

Only the foamcore and circuit board flight computers came from external sources (the latter from an old PC mouse); everything else came from the glue gun and its plug.

It makes for a nice one-person spacecraft, perhaps a bounty hunter or commuter ride. There’s a bed for one and a bit of storage for whatever might need to be brought along.

I’m very unused to painting scenery so this isn’t the finest paint job, but I’m happy with it as a simple piece which might hold a plot point or two in a Pulp Alley game.

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