The Keep on Yeoldelands – Session 28

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Ack, still falling behind. A very brief account, this one. For a better fleshed-out version, do check out the players’ own retellings.

Expedition 28

10 Feb 2022

  • Alfredward (Dwarf 3)
  • Asher (Fighter 2)
  • Koko (Cleric 2)
  • Lazolas (Elf 1)
  • Rarder Brete (Fighter 4)

The party returned to the Tower of the Constructors in search of their lost magical equipment during their prison break many expeditions ago. Better equipped and more experienced now, they made remarkably short work of several wights and ghouls, though the latter took down Rarder’s trusty wardog Attila. Ascending to the top of the tower, they found themselves fighting a darkness-engulfed figure but, having seen through its illusionary doubles, they hacked it down too. Treating themselves to its magical axe and as many books from the elven library as they could carry, and having noted an unexplored trapdoor on the ground level, they returned safely home.

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