The Keep on Yeoldelands – Session 21

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Expedition 22b

18 Nov 2021

  • Alfredward (Dwarf 2)
  • Amos (Cleric 3)
  • Peach (Fighter 1)
  • Rarder Brete (Fighter 4) and Boots (Dwarf 1)

Peeking out the tower window and seeing in the courtyard some 30-odd hairy creatures which Rarder recognised from the Caves of Chaos, the party opted for discretion. They roped down from a window on the other side of the fortifications and met up with the exhausted Boots, Hats and Peach who had been hurriedly tracking them to this spot.

Sneaking around the base of the watchtower, Boots noticed a fault in the wall. Pushing aside a shrub revealed a small hole leading inside. Boots proceeded to squeeze in but noticed the room’s floor was distinctly aged and treacherous. Hoping to cause a distraction he deliberately collapsed it, creating an almighty crash and accompanying dust clouds, causing around a half of the chattering creatures outside to disappear through a door to see what on earth had happened.

Seizing the moment, the adventurers charged forward into the remaining beasts, slicing through the front ‘rank’ like wet paper. Caught completely by surprise, and disorientated by the dust and noise, the surviving hairy ones in the courtyard fled into the trees.

Blood pumping, the party followed the other creatures inside and found them crammed into what remained of the collapsed room. A quick rear assault and cutting down of the apparent leaders left the majority of the hairy ones alive and captive. They were allowed to gratefully flee after their companions into the Deadwoods after giving up what info they knew of the operation – little of it new to the party, apart from the whispers about avoiding the walking dead in the cellar.

Confident that they were well versed in under-fortification undead-clearing, the adventurers headed down, creating a ruckus as they did so. Sure enough, a crowd of nearly twenty shuffling cadavers emerged from a corridor towards them, and these were quickly dispatched by the practiced slayers of the dead.

Pressing on, the party found themselves in a room with a number of statues with different garbs and symbols hanging upon carved pendants, as well as a door barring one of the exits decorated with a large, ominous skull. Beneath each statue was the name of a member of the Redwood family. As they slunk past the statues, stepping over the bloated body of a long dead hairy creature, they heard the faint sound of water near one of them, and a faint voice whispering, “Felinor…”

And at that point, the curtain came down on the session.

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