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Last of the current batch of kitbashed plastic sprues.

I’d been hoping to use the Wargames Atlantic survivors bodies but the mix of different proportions and contorted poses meant that the blue overalled body was the only one I felt I could get away with, and even then it looks like someone skipped ‘leg days’.

I’ve noticed that there are some discrepancies between the arm lengths on the Stargrave sprues – the straight, weaponless ones are quite a bit shorter than the others, so I found myself trimming some limbs and torsos and green stuffing others balance out some of the most obvious discrepancies, but it does mean some of the figures, such as the greenshirted fellow, are rather broad across the shoulders.

I’m pleased with the middle chap, though – arms suit the body and the pose feels dynamic. Very quick to put together, especially compared to the English and American civil war miniatures I’m hacking up at the moment!

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