The Keep on Yeoldelands – Session 17

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Expedition 20

07 Oct 2021

  • Alfredward (Dwarf 1)
  • Dalgarn (Dwarf 2) and Percival (Halfling 1)
  • Harry (Halfling 1)
  • Rarder Brete (Fighter 4) and Boots (Dwarf 1)


Believing the spectral figure they’d banished last expedition to be the key figure of undeath below the castle, the party gathered themselves together for another run (though this time being sure to take the opportunity to silver up most of their weapons).

Doing their best to sneak into the castle unspotted, they were able to make out a robed figure gesticulating wildly with a raised voice. Dalgarn translated it from the Chaotic tongue for the others – the speaker seemed to be addressing newcomers, and mention was made of allies in the caves.

Filing this away, the party descended through the tower cellar down into the misty cavern. Bodies still lay where they’d been left from previous incursions, including those of Caradog and Relf, but the adventurers were greeted by two incorporeal forms bearing the visages of their two late elven comrades. The figures approached, hands grasping, with the whispered cries of “Betrayal” and “You locked us out”.

Judging the pair to not be as formidable as their slayer, the party charged in with holy water and silver weapons flying. Relf’s form quickly dissipated beneath the onslaught but the form formerly known as Caradog weathered the attacks long enough to clasp its hands upon Dalgarn’s face before succumbing. The dwarf lived but felt severely weakened, and almost appeared to cut a slighter figure than before.

Rather than risk the room with the glowing sphere again, the party opted to head for the illusory wall they’d spotted on a previous expedition. Stepping through, rather than the wave of nausea and unease that had nearly overwhelmed them in the past, there was just the hint of lingering ill.

Ascending the steps, the adventurers came to a cavern with a large stone block decorated with rough carvings of images and retellings of great battles, all referencing a great warlord. Upon the block lay a shield, a battle axe, a black pearl necklace and a ring. At its head lay three brass containers. After much care and probing, the company threw open the lids to reveal thousands and thousands of coins of various different denominations.

There was much excitement and coin counting.

Forced to leave some fourteen thousand copper pieces behind, the group lugged their loot back towards their route back up, but were forced to pause and hide when they heard movement and activity up above. Rather than risk confrontation, they snuck back and tried the hidden shaft exit beneath the collapsed siege tower. The rope they’d left had been cut and the iron rungs looked rusty. They sent up one of the halflings, stripped of armour, to send down another rope. Fortunately the rungs held, and the group were able to leave the tunnels and slink away unnoticed.

Andrella identified the discovered items for them – the battleaxe would cry the name of the wielder when swung and was so finely crafted as to be able to be wielded against oncoming arrows, the shield would place a curse on anyone who might slay the bearer, the ring would give the wearer the power to control elemental forces if they could slay an elemental spirit, and the black pearl necklace was mundane but worth several thousand gold pieces.

Considerably wealthier, the party adventurers sat around the tavern table and started plotting a siege…

GM Notes

  • Now that some energy drain actually affected a character without killing them off, we needed to work out exactly what it means to lose a level. After some discussion we decided that a character would be reduced to one 1 XP below their current level, so would in effect lose the benefits of a level until they can get back to town with some treasure. Still a terrifying consequence for being grabbed by a sapping creature without it being so punitive as to wipe out too much hard-earned XP.

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