Launching into sci fi

After another miniatures hobby drought, the bug has bitten again – I’ve been spending the last week or two distracting myself from the tele with glue and paints. Mrs Doodler has kindly allowed me the use of the coffee table.

This time my attention has been drawn towards sci fi having stumbled across 5 Parsecs From Home. I’ve very little grounding in popular sci fi – I’ve seen Firefly, a few of the Star Wars films and one of the recent Star Trek films – but with pretty much all my RPGing being of a fantasy bent, hopefully venturing into a different theme in miniatures will make it less likely that one will burn the other out, as has been the case in the past.

I’ve only a handful of painted Imperial Guard from a very brief brush with 40k, so I’ve run through a couple of learning games with re-appropriated modern minis. They’ve worked well enough, but I wanted some slightly more outlandish figures – more Firefly than Interstellar.

I have plenty of plastic sprues lying around from various sources dating all the way back to 2002, but they are predominantly fantasy, with the occasional modern one here and there. So I grabbed myself a few Stargrave crew sprues and set about mixing them all up.

Definitely feeling a little rusty on the painting front, and many of the brushes didn’t survive the hobby hiatus. Going to need a fair bit of warming up, I feel. The original intent was to avoid getting too focused on little details and instead prioritise getting these things out and ready for gameplay, but that’s already been somewhat compromised by the decision to do eyes and the specific buttons on their wrist doodads.

Still, I’m trying not to get too caught up in getting these minis up to my highest standard because a) that will mean they never get done and b) my highest standard isn’t that much higher, certainly not enough to warrant the extra effort I’d spend on them. Showpieces can come later!

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