The Keep on Yeoldelands – Session 15

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Expeditions 18c and 19a

23 Sep 2021

  • Alfredward (Dwarf 1)
  • Amos (Cleric 2)
  • Dalgarn (Dwarf 1)
  • Peach (Fighter 1)
  • Rarder Brete (Fighter 3)

Having failed to recover any of their gear after escaping their imprisonment, the party desperately searched the area around the remains of their pack mules to scrounge whatever they could. Fortunately, whatever had feasted upon the beasts must have satisfied itself as it had left several days’ worth of rations, several utility items and several hundred gold coins. The party loaded themselves with what they could carry, including a suspiciously elf-like ghoul from the tower. They had plans for that.

The march back to Redwood began by returning to the river and following it back towards the ruined castle, slowed down by injuries to Dalgarn, Peach and the rescued Dama. They were forced to alter their plans when ominous sounds of scrabbling ahead forced them into the forest where they wandered on in hope rather than with intent. Pushing through the second night, the welcome sight of town lights appeared through the trees.

After a sheepish walk of shame back to the servants’ quarters, the group presented themselves (clothed) before the baron who seemed as much amused by their tale as he was dismayed at the loss of the borrowed helm. His daughter was far less impressed, but Grellus seemed willing to continue his patronage of this collection of loveable rogues.

Rearmed and rearmoured, the party headed upriver once more towards the ruined Redwood Castle. Approaching the statue below, cutting through several flying slug monsters on the way, they presented it with the ghoulish corpse. Alas, the statue did not recognise it nor its significance, but did listen to Dama (who had come along with the party this expedition as the elf told of her own pyrrhic expedition to find the tower, and conceded that she would accept the evidence of the ancient elven archives which would surely record an account of, or at least an indication towards, the realm’s fall.

Rather than let the expedition be a total loss, the adventurers decided to try an unopened door beneath which Conciencia had once detected magical presence. They approached a set of ornate brass doors, and crowbarred them open. Before them lay a room with a glowing sphere of light in the middle of the ceiling. The party prodded around the carpet beneath and went to check the drapes on the walls. Then a wave a warmth and comfort washed over them. Hats and Alfredward, still at the doorway, watched the rest of their companions lower their weapons to the ground and walk through a doorway in the other side of the room, where they could just make out the group sitting themselves at a table and feasting. Those at the table found the food to be absolutely delicious, and their bellies never seemed to fill. They continued to dine, hazily aware of their host stood in their peripheral vision.

Alfredward tied a rope around his waist and edged in, and he too found himself embracing the warmth and heading into the other room. Hats desperately tried to pull him back but in the ensuing tug-of-war Alfredward found some hidden might to wrench the rope from Hats’ grasp.

The dwarf retained stared as the five adventurers, Artzua and Dama all feasted at the edge of the light. He turned and fled back to the riverboat and to Redwood, intent on gathering another party of adventurers for a rescue mission.

GM Notes

  • Aaand the whims of the dice swing this way and that. I rolled a save for each slot of equipment left with the mules (14+ on a d20, as per Normal Human), and turns out nearly two thirds of the items were still available, including 21 rations! The party then avoided confrontation on the march back to Redwood, risking the forest and getting lost but ending up where they wanted to be anyway. And then not one single save vs spells at the end as all bar Hats fell prey to the Charm Person spell.
  • Every time there’s a reaction roll for the baron of Redwood, the dice always come up high. A very forgiving patron!
  • We finished the session with a sole figure – the mighty retainer Hats – returning to town. The charmed members weren’t being filled by what they consumed, so we’re adapting the travel rules – for every day a character doesn’t eat a ration, a slot is filled. When all ten slots are filled, the character dies of starvation. Gives the players a bit of time to enact a rescue with a new set of characters, but keeps the pressure up. There’s a lot of XP to lose in those charmed feasters!

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