OSE Encounter Activity generator

I am a big fan of the d4 Caltrops blog, and over the last year its author, ktrey, has been churning out d100 tables providing something to flavour random encounters for every creature appearing in the OSE bestiary.

They are, however, spread across quite a few different PDF documents – not the easiest tools to reference in gameplay.

So I spent a bit of time transferring the contents to a text file which would allow me to stick everything into an Inspiration Pad Pro generator:

Click here to access the text file. You’ll need to get Inspiration Pad Pro to use it as is.

You can get Inspiration Pad Pro for free on DriveThruRPG or you can pay a few pounds / dollars for the app version. As an app you don’t have access to all the bells and whistles you can get with the desktop version (instead of using a dropdown menu, you will have to split the creatures into separate generators), but it’s mighty handy for outputting a result from a simple table. Dump a few thousand names into a list and you’ll never want for an NPC name again.

IPP allows you to incorporate rolls into a generated result, so with a little bit more work you can roll everything you need for your random encounters with one click. Here’s the output of one of my Barrowmaze tables (I’ve set up the dropdown menu to roll on specific overland or megadungeon regions):

Hopefully this file will be of use to someone. A special thanks to ktrey for permission to use all these tables. Be sure to visit the d4 Caltrops blog – there are loads more very useful random tables there!

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