Character Flavour Tables

A big assumption behind Off-White Cube is that a character is not defined primarily (or much at all) by their class. Instead, the class serves as a recognisable archetype which should help guide players as to how their character’s goes about adventuring. My personal preference is to do away with classes entirely, but they do serve as a helpful starting point for new players daunted by too much freedom as well as a familiar structure for players of other fantasy games to follow.

Thus there are only four classes in Off-White Cube, and one of those is a de-facto classless class where the player can choose how the character’s abilities develop. But it is good to have variety within a party.

Rather than find differentiate characters by a catalogue of classes and sub-classes defined by their special abilities, players are encouraged to customise their character organically. That can be quite a big ask of a player placed on the spot, however, so in the tradition of many games everywhere, there are a series of tables to roll on to give creativity a prod.

These tables are prompts, not hard and fast (or balanced). There is also a fair amount of vagueness to allow for interpretation, hopefully evocative rather than bland.

My name is…


I used to be a(n)…

4banditclerkgamblermasonrat-catchertax collector
6blacksmithdockhandhunterminerservantvillage idiot

…but now I adventure for…

1a better lifefreedomlove

I am…

1ganglyimmaculateambitiousyounga towering figureelderly
2pompouswell-manneredbluntgaunta gossipappealing
3out of shapebroadgullibleeloquentwirya storyteller
4foppishgesticulativeshortanother chosen onebig bonedvery polite
5illiteratecharmingeasily overlookedarthritican escapeean exile
6grizzledgallantmiddle-agedasthmaticclumsya plaything of the gods

I have…

1a limpgarish clothesa huge scarknobbly kneesallergiesparticularly long arms
2a wonderful personalityno teetha massive tattooa tempera sweet toothflawless skin
3an odoursplendid hairodd bootstoo many fingersa mottoa notable nose
4many piercingsno talenta wooden legno haira nervous tican eyepatch
5false teetha favourite jokestylea furrowed browa quick witchronic nightmares
6a sunny dispositiona capemore vocab than sensehalf an earthe gift of the gaba fancy hat

I remind others of…

1a beara doga hawkan owla rata spider
2a bulla dolphina liona parrota rhinoa squirrel
3a cata flya magpiea peacocka sluga toad
4a cockroacha foxa molea penguina seagulla tortoise
5a crocodilea goata mousea piga snakea vulture
6a crowa goosea mulea rabbita sparrowa wolf

I really can’t stand…

1loud noisesheightsdamaged fingernailswindbagsa smart alecreading
2my twinbloodhard workalcoholridingchildishness
3spiderssmokelosingtime wastersthe coldwashing
4dogstight spacesthe heatnumbersprudesmushrooms
6the darkthe colour blueswimmingghostsmetal on metaltapirs

2 thoughts on “Character Flavour Tables

  1. These are lovely! Particularly the “I remind others of…” and “I really can’t stand…” tables. I love it when characters have a little more to go on than just the six-down-the-line and a Class selection 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Always worth having something to push a player beyond their three or four default character tropes.
      It’s fascinating how much can be prompted by the suggestion of an animal (who knows, perhaps linked to the remarkable proclivity of most RPG characters to find themselves with pets).


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