Online Character Sheet – The Black Hack 2e

In this time of greatly increased virtual play, and at the instigation of someone on reddit asking for online-friendly character sheets, I thought it would be good to start putting together some characters sheets for the game systems I’ve used, for my own use and should anyone else want to use them. The simpler the game the better, since the character sheet is more likely to fit comfortably on a single Google Slide.

So here’s the first.

The second edition of The Black Hack was one of the first ‘new school old school’ games I purchased, and probably the first that I mentally grasped. I came to it via Questing Beast’s video review, and picked it up for its apparent simplicity.

It is not only simple, but well conveyed as a ruleset. Whether it’s because visually it works better for my brain or that it set things out without the assumption that you already know how RPG procedures work, I parsed most of the intended gameplay on the first read through. That is out of the norm – I tend to need a couple of attempts at reading an RPG book and then watch a few actual play videos to get a hold on the rhythm of a game.

It’s a roll-under game – to attempt a challenging action, you need to roll beneath an appropriate attribute on a d20. Nice and quick, removes any doubt about target numbers. The rest of gameplay is similarly nice and quick.

The character sheet is nice and simple, and I really like the artwork used for the sheets you can find in the rulebook itself, so I just converted the pages to images and drew text boxes where the player would want to input information. The image sizes means it’s very easy to see which slide relates to which class – normally I would advocate placing a large colour block in the corner somewhere so that the GM can tell from a glance which sheet is whose.

Click here to access the character sheet and make your own copy.

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