Gridded whiteboard

For all the Brits out there, it might be worth keeping an eye out when you next find yourselves near a WHSmith. I spotted a A4-sized whiteboard for £6 (down from around £16, if I recall). Upon opening it up I discovered that the promised grid on the reverse side is made up of 1″ squares – perfect for most 28mm miniatures or homemade tokens. It’s magnetic too, should you have put a lot more effort into your miniatures / tokens than I have.

It will only really work for rooms, but perfectly usable for a dungeon crawl or tavern brawl. As Professor Dungeon Master notes, most action happens in a relatively small area so you don’t need to lay everything out in painstaking detail.

The product is available full price from the WHSmith website (or for a few £s more there’s one double the size).

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