The Village of Orlane

An online game running through Against the Cult of the Reptile God fizzled out fairly quickly, but not before I’d invested some prep time into it.
I didn’t like the perpendicularity of the village of Orlane in the original module’s map, so I scribbled my own unkeyed version for use. Hopefully I can run through the module again some time with another group.
Until then, here it the map of the village, should anyone wish to use it. I hope to get some use out of it some time in the future.

5 thoughts on “The Village of Orlane

  1. Hey there, I found your map of Orlane after a quick GIS.

    I’ve used it in an adventure I’ve written inspired by AtCotRG – wanted to credit you for the art, assuming you are okay with me using it?

    Obviously I won’t if you’re not.

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  2. I will definitely drop you a copy (it’s only a 2 page spread) thanks for the approval – how would you prefer to be credited?

    Drop me an email address and I’ll send it over when layout is done.

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