Magical Ripples

My heartbreaker magic system is currently a corruption of the GLOG dice pool. All characters have a Magic Chance Die size ranging from d4 to d12. The die size represents the level of control a character has over the figurative magical streams running through the world. However, characters can only cast spells if they have an arcane focus of some kind (wands, gems, etc) which grants them a number of Magic Chance Dice to play around with. Casting a spell at level 3 requires rolling 3 MCd.

Unless otherwise noted, the spell always goes off.

Every time a 1-3 is rolled, the magic die is downgraded to the next smallest die size. If the same number comes up on multiple dice, consult the table below. [Level] refers to the level at which the spell was cast. [You] refers to a 50% chance that the spell affects a random party member instead.

Magical Ripple / Splash
You cast a random spell at the target instead of the original spell.
The spell is twice as effective but you forget the spell. You must learn it again to be able to cast it.
You have lit a magical beacon – the number of unnatural creatures in this world will now increase substantially.
You explode.
A level [Level] monster pops into existence 10 x [Level] ft away.
Every Full Rest, [You] must make an INT test with difficulty = [Level]. On a failure, [you] transform into a domestic animal appropriate to [your] character for a day.
All trace of [you] is removed from the annals of history. Your party members must each pass an INT test – only those who pass have any memory of [you].
You and one other member of the party explode.
[You] and one random NPC take [Level]d6 magical damage.
[Your] attributes are mirrored. Swap STR with CHA, DEX with WIS and CON with INT.
[You] are immediately transported into the Gardens of Ynn or the Stygian Library. You must escape alone, or the party must rescue you.
You and all bar one of the party explode.
[Your] eyes turns a random colour.
[Level] NPCs from your past are instantly turned to stone.
An identical (but morally opposite) copy of [you] appears.
Everyone in the room explodes.
[Your] sweat corrodes metal.
[You] can regenerate lost limbs within a day, and have advantage on rolls to recover from injury. You take double damage from fire.
[Your] physical appearance switches with that of a random NPC.
Everyone in five miles explodes.
[You] age 5 x [Level] years.
[You] learn a new random spell.
All plant life within 10 x [Level] miles of you withers and dies.
Anyone the PCs have met explodes.
[You] get 5 x [Level] years younger.
Heavy snow falls in a two-mile radius for [Level] weeks.
The party finds themselves in a tiny pocket dimension.
The nation explodes.
[You] change gender.
All the metal [you] are carrying merges together to form a golem of level [Level]. This mindless construct is bound to [your] service. its size is dependent on the quantity of metal.
All ageing in a 10 mile radius around you halts for a year.
The continent explodes.
[Your] feet become hands.
[Your] hand vanishes. You can still feel and control it, but cannot see it.
Magic disappears from the world for a week.
The world explodes.
A character from the nearest book or picture comes to life.
You are suddenly aware of the location of a long-forgotten castle, and know the secret to getting in.
The earth in a 10 mile radius around you sinks 10 miles.
The universe explodes.
A new one forms in the aftermath.

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