A Tale Of… Session Report 11

Mostly an RP session this time round, and a very quick summary of events.


Alexander Bucciarati (lvl 2 rogue)
A man with a boat and a mission. He tells everyone about one but not the other.

Arabella Volhollen (lvl 2 fighter)
An archer with societal ambitions. Highly suspicious of and condescending towards pretty much everybody.

Giro Beanna (lvl 2 barbarian)
A huge mischia player made even angrier by the loss of his mother to a magical beast attack. Carries a wooden chest on his back.

Manius (level 2 barbarian)
Alexander’s crewman, a large former pit fighter with all the wits of one.

Salazar Caltata (lvl 2 rogue)
The scrawny fourth son of a nobleman. Good at hiding in a crowd. A snitch and a sneak.

Vero Anzano (lvl 2 ranger)
An old hunter with a mysterious past. Swamped under an enormous bear cloak.


With little further trouble, our party of heroes made their way into Loidatz. 

  • Arabella found a very favourable deal with Markel, a rich merchant passing through on his way back to Drosas.
  • Manius got staggeringly drunk and would feel quite a bit weak for the next week.
  • Salazar reported the shipwreck to the Council, or at least left a message with a clerk to pass on to the Council.
  • The party found that their boat had been sabotaged the night before. The dockmaster apologised profusely and would pay for our heroes’ board and lodging until the Rolling Stoned could be repaired.
  • As the group discussed their options in the Crimson Whale, Vero and Alexander spotted someone watching them from outside the inn window. They fled as the team filed out. The tracks led through the back alleys of the residential district eventually to the Star & Fork – a tavern near the Council Forum.

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