A Tale Of… Session Report 10

Alexander Bucciarati (lvl 2 rogue)
A man with a boat and a mission. He tells everyone about one but not the other.
Arabella Volhollen (lvl 2 fighter)
An archer with societal ambitions. Highly suspicious of and condescending towards pretty much everybody.
Giro Beanna (lvl 2 barbarian)
A huge mischia player made even angrier by the loss of his mother to a magical beast attack. Carries a wooden chest on his back.
Manius (level 2 barbarian)
Alexander’s crewman, a large former pit fighter with all the wits of one.
Salazar Caltata (lvl 2 rogue)
The scrawny fourth son of a nobleman. Good at hiding in a crowd. A snitch and a sneak.
Vero Anzano (lvl 2 ranger)
An old hunter with a mysterious past. Swamped under an enormous bear cloak.
Combat was met, the party emerging battered but victorious. They ended up with several prisoners whom they questioned and then either released or took along with them.
Highlights of the session included:
  • Giro brushing aside all manner of attacks and dispatching a number of assailants single-handedly.
  • Arabella shooting another ally by mistake, this time an enraged Manius who just about held it together instead of rounding upon the apologetic archer.
  • Salazar, Vero and Alexander taking absolutely ages to dispatch the incredibly hardy undead, eventually using gravity and stairs to finish what their weapons could not.
  • One attacker retreating and bringing in a blindfolded figure and forcing him to raise one of the fallen enemies as another zombie.
  • The blindfolded figure turned out to be Atseden, a clerk with an affinity for raising the dead. He told the party that he’d been taught how to use magic by Kontxesi, a traveller who had passed through Gobea. The party decided to take him with them as far as his hometown.
  • The two other prisoners, who referred to themselves as Lore and Paulio, bargained to answer the party’s questions in written form so that they might be released. Lore acknowledged the party would probably be able to track them, and as a show of good faith said they could be found in Drosas.

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