A Tale Of… Session Report 9

A full complement of players this time – and boy, am I glad that some of them seem happy to take a back seat. Six is definitely my limit 

Alexander Bucciarati (lvl 2 rogue)
A man with a boat and a mission. He tells everyone about one but not the other.
Arabella Volhollen (lvl 2 fighter)
An archer with societal ambitions. Highly suspicious of and condescending towards pretty much everybody.
Giro Beanna (lvl 2 barbarian)
A huge mischia player made even angrier by the loss of his mother to a magical beast attack. Carries a wooden chest on his back.
Manius (level 2 barbarian)
Alexander’s crewman, a large former pit fighter with all the wits of one.
Salazar Caltata (lvl 2 rogue)
The scrawny fourth son of a nobleman. Good at hiding in a crowd. A snitch and a sneak.
Vero Anzano (lvl 2 ranger)
An old hunter with a mysterious past. Swamped under an enormous bear cloak.
Having waited for the sun to set, Alexander skillfully (critical successfully) piloted the boat onward by moonlight. Everyone kept their eyes peeled for both the suspicious boat that had passed them during the day and for the rumoured shipwreck. Spotting a dead human body beneath the surface of the river they knew they were getting close to one of them.
Highlights of the session included:
  • Discovering and exploring the wreck of a small transport vessel. Several more bodies were found and searched for the discovery of coin and, on a one-eyed corpse, a dark ring. Alexander pocketed it without examining it too closely. Vero and Arabella looked for cause of death – nothing immediately obvious other than what looked like the faded signs of frostbite. Odd for such a humid climate…
  • Salazar tried diving down into the captain’s cabin to find anything of value or bearing information, but his non-athletic disposition hindered him. In the end Giro dove down and ripped the swollen door off its hinges, and he and Alexander proceeded to bring up the contents of the cabin’s desk, finding some money, a naval traveller’s well-used sabre and a fancy albeit soaked waistcoat. Salazar held onto it, and even being in close proximity to it gave him the air of having a somewhat more noble posture.
  • There were tracks leading off from the wreck into the jungle. The party, much to Zoriane’s annoyance, decided to investigate further, since tracks from any survivors would surely have followed the river to the nearest settlement.
  • After trekking through the jungle for a few hours, ably led by Vero, they came across what appeared to be an ancient crypt with signs of movement to and from its doorway. Creeping down the stairs into the entrance, they spied some figures on the other side of a crudely-made door. They tried smoking the inhabitants out but, with a combination of lack of air flow and the fact that they were higher than the room they were trying to fill, they met with little success.
  • It did attract the curiosity of one figure though, who came to the door. Giro very deftly subdued the surprised fellow and tied him up, and everyone charged into the crypt. Salazar enthusiastically burst into a room to the side and reeled back at the sight of several undead forms reaching for him. Another door opened off the main room and more (living) figures charged our heroes. Battle was met…
And we called it a night.
Ring of Eye-Spy 
Ebony black ring with dark red ivy snaking around it. Causes one of the wearer’s eyes to drop out. The wearer may still see out of that eye.
Waistcoat of Airs and Graces
A finely-sewn waistcoat of dark green with cream stitching and lacing. Causes the wearer to exude an overwhelming air of being from a noble family.

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