A Tale Of… Session Report 8

Alexander Bucciarati (lvl 2 rogue)
A man with a boat and a mission. He tells everyone about one but not the other.
Arabella Volhollen (lvl 2 fighter)
An archer with societal ambitions. Highly suspicious of and condescending towards pretty much everybody.
Giro Beanna (lvl 2 barbarian)
A huge mischia player made even angrier by the loss of his mother to a magical beast attack. Carries a wooden chest on his back.
Manius (level 2 barbarian, having changed between sessions)
Alexander’s crewman, a large former pit fighter with all the wits of one.
Salazar Caltata (lvl 2 rogue)
The scrawny fourth son of a nobleman. Good at hiding in a crowd. A snitch and a sneak.
Player Absence:
Vero Anzano (lvl 2 ranger) – an old hunter with a mysterious past. Swamped under an enormous bear cloak.
This was a session of combat avoidance, resource replenishment and at least one silly voice too many.
The party wanted to split to do their own shopping and RP bits, so I was frantically trying to make sure nobody sat to the side getting too bored.
Instead of telling the other characters what he had overheard, Salazar decided to do his own investigating. The highlights of the characters’ following day ran thus:
  • Salazar met with the town governor, ostensibly to discuss politics. Once he brought up the rumours of the governor’s love life, or lack of, the conversation turned sour and the rogue found himself thrown out.
  • Alexander and Manius went to stock up on supplies sufficient to reach Drosas two and half weeks’ voyage away and, with some decent bargaining on their part and poor mental arithmetic on the shopkeeper’s, came away with essentially a 33% discount.
  • Arabella sought medical supplies. She found a disturbingly enthusiastic herbalist who sold her a poultice and a lucky necklace garland.
  • Giro learned how to look after his donkey better.
  • While everyone else made their way to the boat, Salazar tried to investigate the tea seller who had been accused of magical use, but all he could get was a sample of relaxing tea. He returned to the Rolling Stoned and told the others about the shipwreck he’d heard about.
  • Sailing on, our heroes warily passed a boat travelling the other way.
  • They also noticed another boat behind them. Rather than risk an engagement, the party allowed the boat to go past. With a storm brewing overhead, they made camp on the river bank with the intent to set off early enough to catch up with the second boat.

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