The Make Up of a Character

In an effort to see how complicated this little homebrew has become, I’ve thrown together a basic character sheet to get an idea of how these rules might appear to players:


Task resolution is d20 + Attribute > Target Number.
The target number is usually 15 or above when interacting with the environment. For an action involving another creature (like attacking or defending), the target number is 10 + the creature’s level.

Might – for melee, strength and constitution-based tasks
Finesse – for ranged, dexterous and intricate-based tasks
Willpower – for magic and mental toughness-based tasks

These three attributes are determined at Character Creation by rolling 3d6 and taking the lowest value.

Competence – for instinct-based tasks such as combat initiative and avoiding traps, encounter rolls and communication-based tasks, and for general fitness as an adventurer. Competence is treated as an attribute for the purpose of task resolution, but is determined by taking the average of Might, Finesse and Willpower (rounded down).


Chance Dice track consumable resources. Armour breaks, luck runs out and magic exhausts the user.

They follow this die chain: Cd4 < Cd6 < Cd8 < Cd10 < Cd12. When a Chance Die is rolled, if it comes up as 1, 2 or 3, it is downgraded to the dice below it (the next smallest) for future rolls. If a Cd4 is downgraded, the character no longer has access to that chance die until they replenish it (usually at a rest).

Armour Chance Die – determined by what armour is being warn. Can be used to protect against damage by reducing it by the value rolled (to a minimum of 1). Can also be used when rolling on the Injury table. Downgrading ACd4 means armour destroyed.

Luck Chance Die – determined at Character Creation (default LCd6). Can be used to add the value rolled to any attribute roll. Can also be used when rolling on the Injury table.

Magic Chance Die – determined at Character Creation (default LCd6). Can be used to cast spells. Downgrading MCd4 means uncontrolled magic mishap.


Damage Die – represents how much damage you inflict in combat. Modified by choice of weapon.

Stamina Die – equivalent to HD.
Stamina – Stamina Die + Competence. Represents how much energy you have to avoid significant damage. Re-roll every hour’s rest. Gain Max Stamina after a night’s rest
Max Stamina – Maximum value of Stamina Die + Competence.

If an attack takes a character to 0 stamina, roll their ACd and LCd together and subtract any leftover damage. Check the Injury table to see what’s left of you.


Burden Capacity – the sum of Might, Finesse and Willpower values. Does not change if an attribute drops through illness or injury. Items, spells, injuries and conditions all take up slots.

Experience – one experience box may be filled after completing a challenging quest, spectacularly failing but surviving an impressive ordeal or making the GM collapse with laughter. Each heavily bordered box allows a character advancement after a week’s training:

– Add +1 to Might, Finesse or Willpower, and roll a d10 for each of the other two. If the roll is higher than the current value, add +1 to that attribute. Recalculate Competency.
– Upgrade Stamina Die
– Upgrade Luck Chance Die
– Upgrade Magic Chance Die
– Upgrade Damage Die
– Choose a Characteristic

Unless otherwise stated, you may not increase an attribute above 10 or upgrade a die beyond a d10.

Characteristics – bonuses to an aspect of adventuring life (though not just a flat Roll With Advantage). No more than one instance of each Characteristic allowed in an adventuring party.

Background – a character’s former (or current) profession, to be taken into account with attempting tasks in which it might be relevant, as well as one choice of hobby. Can be chosen or randomly generated at Character Creation.

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