A Tale Of… Session Report 7

Trying out more concise session reports with bullet points – more convenient for personal reference.

Alexander Bucciarati (lvl 2 rogue)
A man with a boat and a mission. He tells everyone about one but not the other.
Giro Beanna (lvl 2 barbarian)
A huge mischia player made even angrier by the loss of his mother to a magical beast attack. Carries a wooden chest on his back.
Manius (level 2 barbarian, having changed between sessions)
Alexander’s crewman, a large former pit fighter with all the wits of one.
Salazar Caltata (lvl 2 rogue)
The scrawny fourth son of a nobleman. Good at hiding in a crowd. A snitch and a sneak.
Vero Anzano (lvl 2 ranger)
An old hunter with a mysterious past. Swamped under an enormous bear cloak.
Player Absence:
Arabella Volhollen (lvl 2 fighter) – an archer with societal ambitions. Highly suspicious of and condescending towards pretty much everybody.
We find our heroes sailing downriver from Langarica with a battered, unconscious body at the bottom of their boat, with some battered, mostly conscious bodies of their own. With a busy working week and an unwell wife, this was a largely prep-less session, and as such my first proper reliance upon random tables.
Key moments of the session:
  • Our heroes made camp on the river bank to rest and decide what to do with the prisoner. 
  • The prisoner, struggling through a dislocated jaw, eventually communicated that he’d been hired to collect Zoriane by a dark-haired man with a beard, and was either unwilling or unable to give any more info. 
  • The party voted to execute him rather than risk him returning to finish his work (Manius and Giro in favour, Alexander against, everyone else abstaining). Alexander turned away in disgust as the two large men approached the large man. Having been left unbound this whole time, the prisoner knocked Manius aside with two quick punches and tried to make a break for it. Giro embedded his axe in the chap’s skull. 
  • Vero returned with a solitary hare and some herbs from his hunting, not wishing to venture too far from camp. 
  • Salazar looted the corpse’s body of its coin purse and, peeking inside, found just ten dried peas. Po-faced, he offered Alexander the entirety of the prisoner’s belongings for his own passage on the boat. One critical success later and the boat captain found himself in possession of some peas. 
  • Giro led Shillelagh onto the boat “because she likes the boat”, whereupon he got jumped by a Giant Arowana. He hefted the donkey back onto land and defended himself, before realising there was a shoal of the beasts… 
  • I have since researched
    what an arowana looks like,
    and it’s not like a pejelagarto…

    With several of the more nature-savvy members knowing these massive fish could hurl themselves onto land and power their way back to water, the party tied a rope around the prisoner’s corpse and used it as bait to drag one of them over the fire and batter it to death. It proved a more ample supper than the hare, and had another corpse in its belly bearing a signet ring from a noble family south of Langarica and a mace with a head designed that wails as it swings through the air. Alexander pocketed the ring, and Manius the mace. 

  • The party sailed on for another day to reach Omaika, a small town. In the tavern, just before retiring for the night, Salazar picked up several rumours:
    • the town governor wasn’t sleeping with his wife anymore
    • one shopkeeper had been accused of using magic on their customers
    • another shopkeeper had very suddenly hired someone to watch their shop for a week
    • someone’s shipment had recently gone missing downriver. Upon further investigation, the person to speak to was a local kidnapper who’d lost a ‘shipment’.

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