A Tale Of… Session Report 3

Happily I got to bring in the Tomb of the Serpent Kings during this session, which went very differently from my first run through of the module. I was hoping that it might give me an idea of how differently it plays with 5e from my homebrew system, but ultimately it gave more an indication of different playstyles. These 5e players are way more cautious!
Ceasar Giovana (lvl 1 monk)
A local mischia player (mischia being a highly bloody and highly popular contact sport).
Salazar Caltata (lvl 1 rogue)
The fourth son of a local nobleman. A scrawny creep with a knack for blending into a crowd.
Vero Anzano (ranger)
An old huntsman. Nobody really knows much about him apart from the game he brings back from the woods.

Our three heroes dragged Zumar back to Langarica and handed him over to Actaeon and Petronius. After a few days to recover from their adventure, they were summoned again by the slugfolk.

They were offered a new task – to scout out an old tomb of some sorts. The slugfolk did not provide much detail, but a larger reward as compensation for greater danger. In addition, Eukene introduced Giro Beanna and Arabella Volhollen to bolster the group’s numbers.

Following the slugfolk directions, Vero led the party two uneventful days’ trek west to a valley. There they found an entrance leading into what appeared to be an old crypt of some sorts – the Tomb of the Serpent Kings. Entering, they passed four rooms, each containing a coffin with a clay figure. Our heroes, fearing a curse, refrained from taking anything.

Their path onward was blocked by a door with a heavy bar across requiring three of them to pool their strength. Vero heard a click and flung himself aside. Giro and Ceasar were not so quick, and were caught by the edges of the hammer, leaving Ceasar out cold. The room ahead contained three larger coffins, and Salazar proceeded to open one. A moving skeleton sat up and, with its neighbours, attacked the party. Giro ripped two heads from their spines, and Salazar the last, and the group retreated from the crypt, dragging the inert form of Ceasar with them.

They set up camp in view of the tomb entrance, determining to rest and regroup before venturing further.

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