A Tale Of… Session Report 1

We’re a few sessions into our new campaign – a 5e homebrew with the gritty variant rest rules and a combination of the Knave and Maze Rats magic systems – and I have been writing down rough summaries of each online meet up. I thought I’d start publishing them here for convenience and posterity.

My aim with this campaign, having run Lost Mine of Phandelver, is to experiment with 5e’s capacity for a slightly more old school feel – emphasising player skill over just rolling a mechanical skill where possible.

The magic system is just because I like a bit more flexibility and shorter spell descriptions. A number of elements from Yoon-Suin have been admiringly borrowed.

This is a human-centric world with the slug folk at the top of the social hierarchy. They don’t allow humans to wield magic because humans are idiots.

First off the cast, all inhabitants of the fishing town of Langarica:

Alexa Alinburg (rogue)
A member of the oldest profession who spends the working night at the Cathouse Tragedy establishment.

Ceasar Giovana (monk)
A local mischia player (mischia being a highly bloody and highly popular contact sport).
Salazar Caltata (rogue)
The fourth son of a local nobleman. A scrawny creep with a knack for blending into a crowd.
Vero Anzano (ranger)
An old huntsman. Nobody really knows much about him apart from the game he brings back from the woods.

Session Report, following a bit of character creation:

After a mischia match from which Langarica’s team emerged in defeat, our heroes were all ambling about amongst the crowds leaving the playing field. All of a sudden, a young boy emerged from an alleyway pursued by a horrific beast, the like of which nobody had ever seen before. Its sharp claws and vicious teeth cut down a nearby woman from the visiting supporters of the Ziabalde team. Salazar galvanised the shocked townsfolk into swarming the beast which shrugged off their efforts with ease. It sent a brutish Ziabaldean mischia player, Giro Beanna, fleeing with his tail (and a damp patch) between his legs. Our heroes leapt upon the creature, hitting and slashing at it with fist and blade, and together they destroyed it, leaving them with only a fine maroon powder as evidence of its existence.

Salazar sent Zoriane, an informant from the local brothel, to see what had become of Giro before he and the others backtracked along the fleeing boy’s trail into the alleyways, the monster having left nothing in the way of tracks. They came upon what looked like a powdery explosion with evidence of several different sets of footprints scurrying away from it. As Ceasar and Vero went to notify the governor of events, Salazar and Alexa remained behind to keep watch. They noticed one set of footprints which had dashed around a corner and then led into a solid brick wall. Closer inspection revealed only a faint set of letters which spelled out: YNN. Eventually the governor, Eukene Bagoeta, came and stationed guards. Alexa and Salazar revealed their findings to her and retired to join Ceasar and Vero in The Boil and Youth tavern for a well-earned drink.

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