Inktober 2018

With a homebrew D&D campaign looming, I thought I’d sign mentally myself up for Inktober with a view to a) generating a supply of NPCs to dip into as and when needed and b) get some regular drawing practice in.

I unearthed a little 10cm by 10cm notebook with a few pages of random notes and jottings. Ripped those out so as dedicate it solely to doodling, and set up a title page.

I’ve recently bought and flicked through Maze Rats – even if anyone is reluctant to try the ruleset, it’s worth picking up for the random tables alone. I thought I would use the character generation tables, minus the odd bit of mechanics, to create an NPC a day for this month and draw an accompanying image for use on Roll20.

There, the post is up – I am now committed.

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