More rebasings

Sleeping, database management, travelling on public transport – all these things are made more unpleasant with this heat (honest, Great Western Railways, where are your trains with functioning air conditioning?). To this list I add painting. No matter how wet my palette, the paint dries on the brush and the miniature before I can spread it across. I have spent half my painting time scraping off lumpy layers of paint with my fingernail over and over again.

Progress is therefore even slower than usual on the painting front.

So, back to rebasing the back catalogue of zombie hunters with a view to utilising them in some modern pulp games:

2 thoughts on “More rebasings

  1. Thanks! Yeah, these clear bases in particular are so cost effective. Less than ÂŁ5 for a hundred sheets or so, and I've based all the figures so far on one of those sheets.


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