Office Workers

There has been an extended break in blog posts, linked primarily to D&D-related distractions which have taken up two of my weekday evenings – leaving me with Fridays and weekends for other hobbies, and we have managed to fill our weekends up with a lot of real life stuff of late.
However, with one D&D campaign recently coming to an end, I have an extra slot after work free to return to tabletop affairs!
I have started rebasing (again) my collection, opting for very economical plastic binding sheets. The tests I ran them through indicated their flexibility might result in fewer occasions to glue a figure back to its stand. It has also held better to miniatures with a smaller foot surface area.
Thus, I am now working through my old zombie apocalypse minis, touching up the various knocks and scrapes they have accumulated over time as well. There are a couple of paint jobs which have not stood the test of time particularly well, but they will do for now. They were originally made at a time when I was far more interested in trying alternative combinations of plastic survivor parts, avoiding the plethora of gun options in favour of more British-like homemade weapons.
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