4 thoughts on “Making Contact – A Solo Pulp Alley AAR

  1. Thanks Frank/panama! I suspect you'll shoot ahead of me – I need to get some decent scenery for the next chapters, which might take a while. I've got plans for delving into the fantasy genre for a little while come the new year…


  2. Hi Idle, I enjoyed the read, I can't read these comic book style reports on LAF because they only display part of the picture! It's fine on here though.I do like your paper buildings, but as I have most of them that's no surprise.Keep up the good work.


  3. Good ol' Germy.co.uk – I reckon this campaign would scarcely have got off the ground had I not had their templates to crack out some quick terrain!I haven't worked out how to do thumbnails on LAF yet, so a link here is the best I can do for folks with smaller screens. Plus it allows me to do AARs as really big images for anyone who wants a close up.


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