Warehouse Personnel

Some speedy jobs (as in, they only took days rather than weeks…) to cover some plot points in future Pulp Alley games. The middle gent is a Hasslfree miniature I did a year ago or so when I was putting together a zompocalypse collection, and I felt he was generic enough to transfer across. He just needed a new base.

The chaps flanking him are a mix of Studio Miniatures zombies, Warlord Games survivors and an arm from the Wargames Factory Russian Infantry sprue. The arm in question has had its grenade trimmed down to form a torch-ish shape. Other than green stuffing the arm joints, that was about as much effort as I was willing to commit to this pair. Painting-wise I did no more than a hurried basecoat, wash and highlight with the basecoat colour, with a further highlight on the skin. Certainly not my most creative of miniatures, but hopefully they’re vague enough to pass for security guards or police officers (or even just general thugs) according to requirements.

2 thoughts on “Warehouse Personnel

  1. He's a great model. If only his hand were a little higher up, on the small of his back as opposed to firmly clutching a cheek! He could have gotten away with it if his hands hadn't been so massive!


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