This troublesome witch…

First of the two muggle-dressed witches painted up.

I struggled to enjoy painting this one, and I’m not altogether sure why. It’s not the sculpting style, because I’ve enjoyed painting Offensive Miniatures products before and she’s not dissimilar to the male rioters. There were tricky areas to get a brush into – particularly the neck – but I found myself losing momentum before I reached those stages. I liked working on the miniature with green stuff, and she should tick all my ‘fun to paint’ boxes – not overly detailed, a limited palette of colours, expressive face…

I dunno.

I’m happy with how the hands turned out, anyway – don’t think they stand out too much from the rest of her.

I’m struggling with painting her companion too, so it may be a while before I start gaming regularly in Potter Alley!

Aside from them, I’m hurrying through some ‘plot points’ for the next Pulp Alley game – hopefully I should get another game in before the week is out.

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