A Quick Getaway – A Solo Pulp Alley AAR

The adventure continues as Cedric Wyrtgeorn and his employees seek to escort Dr Elaine Darrow out of Mexico on their hunt for her missing father. I slightly altered the protagonists’ profiles, and threw together a League of Legends (four sidekicks) to oppose them, since it got a bit troublesome distinguishing between all the different foot soldiers in the last AAR. It also allowed for trying some of the new Lost World of Lemuria abilities.
I played the game and took the photos before going on holiday – unfortunately the flash stopped working and I didn’t have the patience to properly set up each shot, so when I started properly going through the photos on the laptop a lot of them were less focused than I’d like. Alas, holidaying prevented me from reshooting.
Still, it was a fun little gaming session, and I’m enjoying absorbing the Pulp Alley rules.

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