Some more heavily green folk

I really like these two miniatures. They’re wonderful sculpts, plenty of character but – like the wizard and dwarf earlier – not overwhelmingly detailed.

First up is an APEX investigator from Fenris Games, sourced through Bad Squiddo Games, who I’ll be using as Dr. Elaine Darrow in an upcoming Pulp Alley campaign (yup, another gamer enthused by David Phipps’ demo videos). Her garb strikes me as suitably Indiana Jones-y enough to group her in with the rest of the academic action heroes when not acting as a Pulp Alley plot point.

Next up from Hasslefree Miniatures is a perhaps less academically minded but not less academically ambitious individual. I gave him a university / college jacket to offset his other ‘practical’ clothing. Switch his crowbar-clutching right hand for one from Studio Miniatures’ Rick Grymes, and he’s done.

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