Pulp Alley League: The Prodigy’s Retinue

While I slog through these uniformed minions, here’s one of the leagues I’m looking to roll out in a solo campaign, cards all set to print these off on custom business card sheets – just waiting to finish off a few more models to fill the template out:
A wealthy teenage genius, Cedric Athelhaerd finds mainstream life ever so dull. He thus occupies his time with schemes and plots to further enhance his own wealth. Aided by both his security advisor and his personal secretary, the challenge of unearthing organisations’ deepest secrets combined with needing to maintain a low profile (for his grandmother, his only living relative and head of the Athelhaerd estate, is a lady of society, and very mindful of the need to keep the family name clean) is so far proving enough to hold his interest, but surely it is only a matter of time before he looks for a bigger venture…
I’m hoping that Cedric is going to still be standing at the end of any scenario – surely he’ll be able to dodge most harm! – and skilled enough in most areas to be of use in claiming plot points. He’ll also be churning out gadget after gadget to arm his assistants.

Ivy and Secernere are there to deal with Brawling and Shooting threats respectively. They will also, dice permitting, be armed with enough equipment to attempt most plot points.

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