The Dogs of War

Alas, I have very few of my first-painted miniatures, and they have all been mixed up together in a box. I may well take a plunge into memory pool in the future and bring up a couple of the early pieces, but I haven’t the stomach for it just yet.
In the meantime though, here is the first and only army I managed to paint enough units for to make up a legal Warhammer army list, and it was only a 500pts on at that.
I seem to make a point of rooting for the underdog in any endeavour (which works out well for an Englishman, since any English team will do its very best to be the underdog even when it’s the bookies’ favourite to win, and will promptly follow up any magnificent victory with a humbling reminder of its true position in the sporting world). So of course I would find myself drawn to the (literal and figurative) underdog in the Warhammer universe – the Dogs of War, an army without an army book.
These Tilean mercenaries were my first foray into non-GW-produced models, though I didn’t stray far from the style, these being produced by the excellent sculptors, Alan and Michael Perry. I was newly at university and had need of finding better bang for my buck than what Games Workshop would provide me, so I branched out and, boy, these fellows were so much cheaper. I haven’t looked back at Warhammer since.
Light Cavalry

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